Corn Roast

When: Friday, August 12, 2022, 5:30pm-11:30pm

Where: DCCH Center Grounds

This is Boosters largest fundraiser of the year and helps to keep registration fees low.

Food, beer, music, and fellowship.

Kids games and inflatables.

Best corn in the area supplied by Kremer’s Market!

Pull-tabs.  Split-the-pot raffle.

Bourbon barrel raffle sponsored by Jim's Fine Wine and Spirits.

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  • The Corn Roast began August 1972 and 2021 will be the 48th annual event.  There was no event in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Jim Wissman and Bob Hinkel were the founders and first organizers of the Corn Roast.  Bob thought it was a good idea to move the Corn Roast to Friday.
  • The Corn Roast concept was actually the idea of Earl List.
  • The City of Lakeside Civic Club had a get together where they roasted corn and owned the grills.  They discontinued this event and had no use for the grills.  Earl List thought of the Corn Roast concept and organized the use of the grills.  Eventually the city donated the grills to Blessed Sacrament Athletic Boosters.
  • The Corn Roast was the first major fundraiser for the Blessed Sacrament Athletic Boosters.  Prior to the Corn Roast, the Church funded the Blessed Sacrament Athletic Boosters.
  • In the early years we received the corn from Joe and Marie Matracia.
  • We received and still receive the meat from the Rice Family with Blue Grass Quality Meats.
  • Roberta and John Bowling organized the kids games.
  • In the early years of the Corn Roast each coaching staff was responsible for running a booth.
  • Thursday night was chosen as it was a night with very little conflicts and perhaps coincided with the board meeting night.
  • The funds generated by the Corn Roast funded the programs and the baseball and soccer field construction.
  • Bill Miller, DCCH director at the time, was instrumental in helping Blessed Sacrament Athletic Boosters get approval from the Diocese for the construction of the ball fields.
  • Wayne Carlisle generously helped construct the baseball fields with the fill dirt from the construction of the Erlanger K-Mart.
  • The soccer fields were constructed after the baseball fields.
  • Jerry Collins and Marty Kamer spear-headed a fundraiser for the construction of the soccer fields and purchase of the tractor we use today.  They raffled off a car donated by Mr. Robke and generated approximately $30,000.
  • Blessed Sacrament Athletic Boosters have always maintained the fields.