Golf Policies

All students (5th-8th grade) currently enrolled at Blessed Sacrament School or Beechwood are welcome to participate in Blessed Sacrament’s golf program.  Any current student or new student transferring to Blessed Sacrament or Beechwood who decides to play after the last registration date will be included only if team roster spots and leagues remain available.  A late fee will not be charged to a player who is recruited to help low number of teams.

A child who is a parishioner of Blessed Sacrament and is home schooled may participate only if he/she has a sibling who is currently enrolled at Blessed Sacrament School or Beechwood and is also accepted by the particular school who is running the league.

Team Composition
Every attempt will be made to keep the number of players for this upcoming year for both Blue and White teams to 22 total.  Please recognize that there may be exceptions depending on the number of registrations.

The director will put forth a good faith effort to locate a coach for all teams at each grade level.  However, if a coach cannot be located by the director or Boosters, parents of team members must find a coach or the team will be disbanded.

All players and coaches are expected to regularly attend both practices and games.  We urge that players or parents provide the coach with 24 hours notice if you anticipate not making either a practice or a game.

All Blessed Sacrament sports programs require the presence of two (2) adults at each practice and game. Parents, on occasion, will need to help the coaches with this required supervision.  All adults (including coaches) must be Virtus trained.

In order to ensure proper supervision, it is imperative that players be dropped off and picked up promptly before and after practices and games.

Children should not be left unattended at the course.  A parent must be present until the coach arrives.  After practice, the coach(es) must stay until all children are picked up by parents.

Playing Time
Coaches will be instructed to be fair and reasonable.

Communication and Sportsmanship
We will encourage our coaches to communicate regularly with parents and players regarding player progress and development of skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and participation.  In addition, parents are encouraged to communicate with coaches.  We ask you to remember that our caches are volunteers and not paid professionals.  DO NOT confront a coach with negative comments or criticism at a game or practice, especially in front of another player or parent.  If you are having difficulty with any particular coach, please call or email him/her in private and try to discuss any differences in a positive, professional, and adult manner.  Any issue not worked out between the parent/player/coach may be directed to the golf director and ultimately, if necessary, to the Booster Board.

Players, coaches, and parents are accountable for their behavior during practices and games.  Blessed Sacrament players, coaches, and parents are expected to display good sportsmanship and a positive attitude toward other players, coaches, officials, and spectators.  Our goal is to mold young lives, not win at all costs.


  • BSS Athletic Boosters will provide shirts.  Players must provide their own equipment.
  • Players are not permitted to bring friends or food during practice time.
  • Players are not to be left unattended prior to games.
  • Sportsmanship among players, parents, and fans during practice and matches will be enforced.
  • Players or parents behaving poorly will be reported to the Golf Director for a warning or suspension.